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Drs. Richard and Karilee Shames

We do feel that people should consider carefully taking any vaccines, as the pharmaceutical industries greatly profit during these events, and they are often made of sickening substances (they kill or change an actual virus that would cause the illness, then infect you with that; the body system makes antibodies that are similar enough to actually stop the infection of the real virus, such as cow pox to stop small pox).

It is believed by homeopathic practitioners, who had the most success with the 1918 pandemic (20 million people died) that multiple vaccinations with several agents at a time at a very young age (standard practice in the US) is confusing to the body's immune system and perhaps detrimental enough to be the source of problems later in life.

Clearly in some deadly pandemics these are necessary and do work, but taking many of these lightly raises our concern levels as medical people.

So our response - as usual - is to be moderate and cautious. Our suggestion is to continue to build and strengthen your immune system. One of the biggest obstacles to this is being borderline low thyroid or having low adrenal function. These extremely common illnesses, mostly undiagnosed, result from increasing pollution in the air food and water.

People can check their own adrenal and thyroid levels and boost them back to normal with simple and natural hormone enhancing agents.